Unauthorized Sellers and Legal Action

We are aware that unauthorized sellers are attempting to sell counterfeit and unauthorized products under our brand name & copy product pictures on ecommerce platform. Please be advised that we are taking legal action against these sellers to protect our brand, our customers, and our intellectual property rights.

To ensure you are purchasing an authentic product from our brand, please only buy from the following authorized sellers:

  • HardGoat
  • Authorized
  • Hardgoatdotcom

If you purchase a product from an unauthorized seller, you may be at risk of receiving a counterfeit or unsafe product. You may also be unable to return or exchange the product.

In addition to the legal action we are taking, we may also pursue further remedies against unauthorized sellers, including:

  • Removal of their listings from ecommerce platform
  • Compensation for damages caused by their actions
  • Injunctions to prevent them from selling our products in the future

We urge you to protect our brand and our customers by reporting any unauthorized sellers to Amazon and by only purchasing products from our authorized sellers.

Thank you for your cooperation.